Research and Poster Session

April 24, 2017


Although it's been a few months since our journey in Costa Rica, one of the many aspects assigned to this course focused on research. Last semester, before traveling, the class would meet once a week and during this time, one of the discussions regarded the poster session held in April. These university courses hold a poster session where all the students can showcase the research they did in the format of a poster. During our actual trip, many of the students were continuing that research. For example, one of the groups had a poster focused on beach surveying. Although they could begin outlining their poster and describing their purpose during the school semester, the actual data was recorded in Costa Rica. Once arriving back to the states, all the students then updated their posters with the new data and on April 13th, they presented their posters to the CI community. Since this is such an important aspect of the class, and many of these students worked hard to create a thorough research poster, I have decided to showcase their hard work within this blog. Attached below are the 5 posters that were created during the span of this course and trip to Costa Rica. I hope you enjoy reading about the research just as much as we enjoyed doing the research and collecting the data!


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January 16, 2017

January 13, 2017

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